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March 03, 2012


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Dollhouse Miniatures By Pei Li

Dearest sweet Jacqueline!

You know how much I adore that tote bag and the beautiful weekend white dress :) I cannot believe that this is only the 2nd piece of clothing you've did - it's marvelous! I can't wait to see more of your style of clothes. They are so beautiful! Have a beautiful weekend!

Pei Li


Dear Jacqueline, I'm amazed! The dress and the tote are totally gorgeous! The dress is adorable, but the tiny bag is simply stunning, I love the print on it! I'd like to have one similar (and bigger :D) for me too ;)
have a great weekend, my sweet friend! A big hug and kisses to you!


Jacqueline, this is such exquisite work and I admire your attention to detail!

Angie Fraley

I super love the tote! You are amazing!

Sandra van doorn

Oh that week end tote is wonderful! I can see myself wearing it too. Would look fabulous with jeans...
This post is so cute !


I adore the little dress you've made Jacqueline!!!
I was admiring it in the first photo thinking how much I loved it and then I read that you made it, wow!!! Your sewing skills are fantasic, I really love the little front section and all the tiny details make it so special. the little tote bag is so gorgeous too.
I am really enjoying following your blog and would love to one day make a present for you and Coco :0)
vicky xxxxxxxx


Dearest sweet Vicky, thank you so much for your kind words, love and the huge support you send my way! So happy to know that you are enjoying your visit here on my space!! Thank YOU so much and love to you!


Hello, dear Jacqueline! Just precious – you are so clever! Thank you also for your very sweet comments and thoughtful wishes which have been well received at this end of the world. I hope you got some sleep even after watching a scary movie! Enjoy your Sunday, dear. xo – g


Dear lovely Jacqueline,
Your comments always make my day and bring me happiness and smiles!!
Thankyou for your lovely friendship,
Hugs and wishing you a happy Sunday
Vicky xxxx

Cookie Cutter

I adore that bag! Want it for myself :p


oh my! this is absolutely gorgeous! the tote bag is such a cutie! well done! you have fine hands on sewing! have a great week ahead. lots of love your way.


Too, tooo CUTE, Jacqueline! Any chance you will be offering that pretty white dress in human girl sizes?! I want one for summer! ;o) Great news about new stock for your shop--can't wait to see. Happy creative days, my friend ((HUGS))


Dearest sweet Tracy, you are so sweet! Your lovely comment made me smile and bring me such joy! Perhaps some time in the future i might try making human girl sizes. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Mitzi Curi

Absolutely adorable, Jacqueline! you had quite a productive weekend!


Lovely, Jacqueline! Little Coco is so sweet and you photograph her beautifully. I think the dress came out wonderfully! I'm sure you'll be outfitting her in all sorts of other delicious goodness soon! And her tote is perfect!!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


wow! i'd say you are VERY good at sewing! i can't imagine making something so small and so detailed but you carried it out perfectly. so, so sweet.

Ingrid/Of Spring and Summer

Hi Jacqueline,
How cute and adorable. Your talent shows no end!
Have a lovely day.
xoxo Ingrid


Oh my!!! The most adorable thing!!! =)))) Cuteness overload :D

Sandy a la Mode

j!! you are SOOO soo talented! keep it up, friend!


Hi Jacqueline - The little tote bag and dress are absolutely amazing. You are so talented. Can't wait to see what you make next. Have a great weekend!


oh jacqueline, your stuff is too cool to be true!
i love the tote!!!
hugs from germany, svenja

Emma Wallace

My sweet, lovely Jacqueline - you must be part fairy! What exquisite creations! Truly wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful, delicious week!


I just found your blog and I love it. Do you ever sell the tote bags in doll size? They are so cute!



Dearest sweet Carey, thanks so much for your kind sweet words on Coco's tote bag! I am still puting some thoughts into offering tote bags for dolls on my etsy shop. But i really enjoyed making one for Coco and i want to make more in different styles for her. If you are really interested in Coco's tote bag, let me know. I will be really happy to whip one up for you. :)Love to you!

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