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April 08, 2012


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many congrats on the new gig Jlow ... hope springs eternal, yes

Robin Norgren

Beautiful Jacqueline, the love and light and joy that ALWAYS radiates from you IS a blessing and a gift. You truly are an amazing woman. Lots of love sweetie and so happy for your news. xoRobin

sandra van doorn

good luck with yoru new Job, i’m sure you’ll be great. Coco is looking very special in this photo shoot. such a fabulous model, she is...
x sandra


Hello lovely Jacqueline,
Happy Sunday and happy Easter!
How gorgeous little Coco looks in her outfit!!I really love her adoreable sheep hat and your photos are absoloutley amazing.
I agree that blogging is a wonderful way of connecting with all the good in the world and I feel truly blessed to make such special friends like you!!
You know I will be thinking of you and sending lots of love your way as you start your new job adventure.
Vicky xxxx

AG Ambroult

what? A new job?! I think I have some catching up to do over here. It's good to be back, though, friend.


I'm enjoying your Coco photos, seeing you have fun with her is as cute as her outfits!!

Best wishes for a great start at your new job on Monday!


Positive thoughts for you on your new journey! Love that cute Coco doll, she is adorable. Have a lovely week! Enjoy the Ride sweet friend!

Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

Dearest Jacqueline,

Coco is looking so adorable in that sheep outfit! She is lucky to be your daughter! And I'm sending you nice thoughts and wishes for you this morning, and hoping you are off to a great start in your new job!! Can't wait to hear how it went for you! Have a fantastic week!

Pei Li

Cookie Cutter

Glad you had a nice easter. I did too! Wish the long weekend lasted even longer though :p


Happy Easter, dear Jacqueline and congratulations for the new job! I wish you a lot of good luck for this new adventure!
Your sweet Coco is sooo cute with all the lovely things you create for her, her photos make me smile!

Love to you



Too-too cute is Coco! And I love her outfit. Are you sure you won't be offering such outfits for grown-up girls?! ;o) Hoping all goes well with starting your new job today. You will shine, I know you will! Your were brave to try for it... keep that brave light shining, my friend. :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))


Awww, so sweet, as always! :)

Congrats and best of luck with your new job and new adventures. Spring IS a perfect time for new growth!

Sending big hugs your way!

Jennifer_Studio JRU

Oh my goodness... her little sheep hat is adorable!! :) Have a great day at the new job today!


You my dear are so talented! I love Coco, she is adorable....so glad your Easter was amazing. I have happy news to share with you....the last little bit of my book was sent in today!!! Happy dance. xoxoxo Hugs.


Dear Jacqueline, These photos are too cute! That hat!

Wishing you tremendous success with your new adventure. Can't wait to hear how it went today. I'm sure you were brilliant.

And we are the lucky ones to have you as a dear blogging friend, always spreading love and cheer around the world.


Moira Neal

'Happy New Life' wishes to you! I hope it works out well for you. M x

Diane Ackers

Hi Jacqueline, I hope your Easter was as lovely as you are!


Dearest sweet koralee, yipee and hoorayyy that is such a wonderful news!! I am so very excited and thrilled about your book! Happy mid-week sweet friend! Love to you!

Mitzi Curi

I'm glad you had a Happy Easter! Best wishes on your new adventure. It's always exciting but a bit scary to begin a new job. I'm sure your new co-workers will enjoy working with such a sweet and kind person. Onward and upward!


this photo shoot with Model Coco, is crazy cute!


oh myyyy... your pictures melt my heart! I have no words =)
Good luck on your new job my sweet friend!! Wish you all the best :D

Sandy a la Mode

how did your new job go j?? hope all is well! :)


oh, what a shame...busy times my dear...but now i have time to write some lines to you, too...thanks for all your encourageing words on my last posts...and your little doll is so cute...;)...hope that your start into your new job was exciting and you have fun with the new projects...have a lovley and cozy weekend and take care...i heard about the Tsunami warning in Indonesia...all the best and a big hug, my lovley dear friend...cheers...i...


Sorry to be so late but I hope you had a lovely Easter. Coco looks adorable!!!!!


Congratulations on your new venture. But I think I've missed something ... what is it? I'd love to hear all about it.

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