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February 16, 2013


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Mitzi Curi

Vanilla is as sweet as can be, Jacqueline! What a beautiful little doll!

Vicky Lovejoy

I am also having trouble keeping my eyes off your gorgeous new girl :) Olga's work always amazes me, her girls have such soulful faces and I think it's perfect that you've named her Vanilla! I love the beautiful wig you've put her in and your photos are exquisite!!
Vanilla must be very happy to have found such a wonderful home with you and your girls :) Hugs Vicky ♥


Hi Jacqueline, Love your girls--so sweet! Their coordinating dresses are so perfect, and Vanilla is darling. Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a fantastic, relaxing weekend! xo Jennifer


Hello sweetheart Jacqueline! I am so happy your dream doll arrived on Valentine's Day! What a wonderful thing to happen on a day full of love! I am thrilled for you sweetie! I love her name and I think that was so kind of you to name her to remember the lady that created her. Vanilla is such a sweet name and fits your girl perfectly! She is so angelic and ethereal! I love her sweet face! Your other girl is gorgeous too and they look perfect together... sweet sisters!!! I am so excited for you and your girls sweetheart! Your photos are stunning! Have a wonderful and restful weekend! I love weekends too! Love you so much sweetie! Paula xo


She arrived on Valentine's Day? How sweet is that? :D
she's lovely! beautiful beautiful =)
hugs to you my sweet friend


Vanilla, i love that name! and She's very pretty. Hope you're having a good Sunday.

Hey Jacqueline, i sent you a message in FB, did you get it? Anyways, can you email me at hellomettaville@gmail.com and include you mailing address so that i can mail you your journal? Thanks!

Happy week ahead!


What a lovely Valentines Gift! Vanilla if adorable. You are growing a gorgeous collection of girls Jacqueline! I hope you had a beautiful Valentines Day. Love Wini xo


Sooo sweet! Vanilla makes a lovely addition to your doll tribe there! Are those rickrack roses in their hair? Happy Day, Jacqueline ((LOVE & HUGS))


Dearest sweet Tracy, thanks so much for your sweet kind words on my new girl. :) Clay crafted Rose and ranunculus are on their hair. Have a beautiful day and love to you!


Dearest sweet Alison, thank YOU so much sweet friend. I replied you via fb!! :) Love to you!


Oh, your new little one sure is a beauty! I love the flower in her hair. Best wishes for a wonderful week! xo

Dollhouse Miniatures By Pei Li

Dearest Jacqueline,

What a lovely shot! I especially adore the photo of the 2 sisters together. They are truly gorgeous! :)
Have a wonderful sweet week!

Pei Li

Mrs Deer

So cute!


She is adorable! You are getting such a sweet collection.
I have asked my publisher about when they sent out the books to my contributors...she has not responded yet...I am sure hoping she got them in the mail...they may be waiting for the release date March 1. I will keep you posted! xox

Sharon H

Awww she's very sweet! I too have a Vainilladolly hometan girl...she is Lunita, my LY Miel, and has been with me now for getting on for 7 years! Although Olga gave her a makeover a couple of years ago. They are so cute, aren't they! And wasn't that great that she should arrive on Valentines day!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

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