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December 08, 2013


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Dollhouse Miniatures By Pei Li

Dearest Jacqueline,

BIG hugs to you! Sorry to hear about you not feeling so well lately and feeling sad..I want to send you big hugs. What you said is absolutely true - this too shall pass. Tomorrow's another brand new day. I hope you will start off to your brand new week with smiles! Take care sweet friend!

Pei Li

Vicky Lovejoy

What a beautiful blog post Jacqueline, your photo is so gorgeous!! I am so sad to read about how you are feeling. I know just what you mean about your doll Charlotte, for me it was a teddybear that gave me that feeling and I am sure this is why I still love them so much. I am sending you lots of love and hugs my friend and I will be thinking of you
♥ Vicky ♥

Mitzi Curi

What a beautiful photo, Jacqueline! I hope you are feeling better soon....I'm sending you a hug from far away in Michigan in the USA, where we are getting a snowstorm right now and it's very windy and cold. Take Care, Mitzi


Beautiful post, Jacqueline! You're in my thoughts as you go through this challenging time. I hope you feel better really, really soon! Come check out my giveaway and recent post for a little cheering up. :-) Big hugs! xo Jennifer


So sorry you've been under the weather, Jacqueline... I do hope all will be OK, and that you will be well soon. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most--those things we already have in our lives. And friendship is one of the greatest gifts in life. I know when I've not been well these past months too, my blog-friends really helped me along! :o) Be taking good care, my friend... ((LOVE & BIG HUGS))


Indeed we all need a Charlotte in our lives, it doesn't even have to be a material thing.
Hugs to you, Jacqueline and I hope you will feel better soon.
This photo is a little Charlotte for me <3

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